Job Market Proves Recession Fears Wrong; Gen Z Professionals, In Demand — Joblu CEO

Joblu’s CEO Abhii Dabas talks about his predictions on the job market and how the recruitment platform Joblu can help open more opportunities for the younger generations, particularly the Gen Zs.


MANILA, PHILIPPINES, March 1, 2023 – Joblu’s Founder & CEO Abhii Dabas appeared on one of the Philippines’ most influential channels, ANC, to talk about his insight on potential threats on the job market and his recruitment application, Joblu.


According to Dabas, the job market is still going strong despite worries of a great recession because there is still constant demand for workers, particularly Gen Z professionals. He further detailed that Joblu remains a top contender compared to other recruitment platforms because of its candidate-first principle, and its strong support for fresh graduates.


“I think one of the problems with the recruitment industry has been that it hasn’t evolved with the times for the last 30 years. We are applying for jobs, the very same way.


A company posts a job, people start applying for hundreds of them and then the company’s problems are, “How do we go through all these hundreds of profiles to find the right candidate?” So, Joblu is a bit more proactive. It’s candidate-first. It’s very visual, and it’s (as we call it) FAST, FUN, and FREE for the candidates. It’s (also) multi-channel, we take it to wherever the Gen Z might be or the younger professionals might be, so there is a mobile app, there’s the web, and of course, their social media.”

Unconventional Job Search App Empowers Gen Zs by Being the Resume Killer

Within the last few years since its establishment, Joblu continues to disrupt the traditional job market as the “Resume Killer” by making resumes optional on the platform. Instead, their solution is to build a smart profile through advanced AI technology where users can answer questions about their career goals and preferences aside from just showing their previous experience and educational background.


Apart from Joblu’s AI-driven capabilities, JobReels is also a feature that makes the platform stand out. When creating a JobReel, candidates present themselves in a 30-second video and highlight their experience, preferences, and values. Employers can also use this feature to showcase their brand and attract the right candidates.


Another unique feature is the automated mock interview, which enables employers to pre-record interviews for candidates, saving valuable time in the recruitment process. In fact, Joblu provides AI-powered tools to assist employers in creating more effective job descriptions and candidates in crafting engaging bios.


Dabas highlighted that Joblu’s seven-step matchmaking process is at the core of the platform, utilizing advanced AI algorithms to match candidates with employers based on their preferences, intent, cultural values, experience, skills, and other factors. Much like a dating app, Joblu highlights a swiping feature that allows candidates to interact easily with employers. The goal is to make the perfect match between candidate and employer, creating a more efficient, effective, and enjoyable recruitment process.


Joblu’s robust arsenal makes it a trailblazer that could transform the recruitment industry by streamlining the recruitment process and making it more effective for both employers and candidates.


Join the growing community of Joblu users today and experience the platform that’s disrupting the outdated job market.

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