How to Make the Most of Joblu for Your Job Search

Swipe right if you “Like,” and swipe up if you “Super Like.” Simple, right? Well, the creators of Joblu figured that if online dating apps made it possible to find your soulmate or personality match with a simple flick of the finger, you should be able to find your dream job in the same manner, too. 


Joblu, a trusted job search platform used worldwide, makes the unbearable job hunt just a little more fun and easy. Gone are the days when you spent all your time tailoring cover letters to each individual job posting and wishing on a star that your current employer wouldn’t see the resume you just uploaded. 


Joblu operates by allowing users to set up a profile with their resume, then, as soon as you match, you are put in direct contact with the recruiter – so the dreaded “will they contact me” game is thrown out the window.

A Job Seeker’s Guide to Joblu

Job swiping on Joblu is incredibly convenient. In today’s candidate-driven market, recruiters need to remove as many barriers as possible to encourage candidates to apply. If you don’t want to miss out, here’s a step-by-step guide on how Joblu works and use it to your advantage.

Step 1: Create your job profile

Joblu gives a new twist to job-hunting as it eliminates a lot of the time-consuming legwork. Instead of what seems like an unending scrolling journey during your job hunting, and crafting a cover letter for each opening, with this app, all you have to do is swipe right or up if you’re interested in applying.

Step 2: Match with recruiters

Browse through job postings just by swiping. Swipe right if you “Like,” and swipe up if you “Super Like.” Once you and the employer match, the recruiter can reach out to you using a chat function. It really is a lot like online dating apps, except instead of dinner and a movie, you’ll schedule a phone call and an interview.

Step 3: Keep your job search organized and efficient

If you have limited time to search for a job, Joblu is perfect for you. Within minutes – maybe even seconds – you can review a job description and decide if you are interested or not. Then, you can continue going about your day. It essentially means you can job search anywhere, and you will actually make more progress than simply saving listings to apply when you get home.

Joblu’s Advanced Features That’ll Level Up Your Job-Hunting Game

While applying for jobs at Joblu is made easier with its swiping feature, still, the job-hunting game requires time and effort. That is why it’s important to have several strategies for finding a job. Use Joblu’s advanced features to guide you:


Make a great impression with your introduction! Think of it more like a set of important facts about yourself that you want to convey, then work into the conversation. Take a deep breath to relax, smile, and don’t rush through it.

Mock interview

This Joblu feature mirrors an actual job interview. It’s a useful practice interaction for you as a job seeker before having a real-world job interview.

Swiping feature

Over half of job seekers apply for vacancies through their smartphones and apps like Joblu. Job swiping ensures searching for your next job is faster and can be done wherever you are.

Smart Filtering

For job seekers, you can very well concentrate on the interviewing process as this advanced filtering will adjust your search and shortlist the options for you. This will, in turn, speed up your job-hunting process.

How to Use Joblu for Your Job Search Effectively

Build your profile

Once you have downloaded the app, it will ask you to build a profile. Joblu’s system typically asks for the same information as paper job applications, including your contact information, educational background, and employment history.

Follow the job application instructions

Regardless of how you apply, it’s important to follow the company’s application instructions, submit all the required materials, and carefully proofread your application before you submit it.

Thoroughly read job descriptions

Take time to understand exactly what the company expects from applicants for jobs that interest you. Do not ignore the detailed description of what the job entails. 

Maximize the features to practice and test your skills

Along with filling out a job application online, you might also be asked to take an employment test. Some tests assess your skills or even your personality to see if you are a good fit for the job and company.

Frequently Asked Questions About Joblu

Q: How can I get a job on Joblu?

A: When looking for jobs at Joblu, simply swipe right if you “Like” and swipe up if you “Super Like.”


Q: Is the Joblu app free?

A: Yes, everyone can use it for free.


Q: What are the best job search apps? 

Much like online dating applications, Joblu allows you to quickly and easily browse through job postings–making it one of the best job search apps now.


Many of us are familiar with how job search platforms work. The layouts invite you to click on the offers to read about them in more detail and place emphasis on encouraging the interview to happen. These platforms thrive on giving as much information as possible to both sides of the hiring process. 


Instead, Joblu makes it convenient to swipe for jobs. They want to help high-turnover jobs find employees fast, without expending too much effort. Download the app now to swipe for your dream job! 

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