How to Market Yourself for a Job

Do you sometimes find yourself wishing more employers would notice you? You’ve created your resume and are feeling confident about it. Now, you start applying here and there but your inbox is empty. If this is something you struggle with and want to overcome, then you’ve come to the right place.


As part of Joblu’s ongoing efforts to help students be career-ready, we partnered with Jose Rizal University to host this webinar on how to better market yourself online. In the webinar, Joblu’s Founder & CEO Abhii Dabas discusses specific ways how you can market yourself to the world and why it’s important. He also suggests four different elements to focus on when trying to market yourself professionally on social media. If you want to learn more about it, keep on reading.

Why is it important to market yourself for a job?

The short answer is: because there’s a lot of competition. In order for employers to notice you, you have to put yourself in a position that allows you to stand out. “Unfortunately, the world doesn’t know who you are,” says Dabas. This is the reason why you have to make yourself known through the art of marketing yourself

Although you have a stellar record of achievements, what good are those if no one knows about it? Learning how to advertise yourself for a job will come in handy by the time you face another opportunity.

The 4 Ps of Marketing Yourself

tips on how to market yourself for a job

According to Dabas, there are four important aspects of properly marketing yourself on social media: Presence, Profile, Personal Brand, and Posts. 


The internet has opened a whole new world when it comes to work and job searching. Because it is so open-ended, there may be things you’re not fully taking advantage of yet which could take your social media to the next level and help you land your dream job. In order to maximize the way you use your online platforms, you’ll need to work on those four aspects to create your best digital presence! 


When you are being interviewed for a job position, employers likely already have a favorite candidate in mind. If you want to become that favorite candidate, continue reading to learn how to advertise yourself for a job. 

1. Presence

Properly learning the ways of marketing yourself on social media is relevant because the internet is now the main hub for all job seekers. For you to succeed, you can start by being present across multiple platforms. We live in a world where we have access to so many online outlets, so it’s important for you to make the most out of them. Some of those platforms include a portfolio, website, LinkedIn, blog, and Joblu. Most people have a relatively short attention span so a great first impression is something you should aim for. If you are able to capture an interest early on, you will already be at an advantage. Try creating a short and powerful bio to achieve this. Having a professional online presence is a strong way to market yourself as it sends the right message to potential employers.

2. Profile

This is one of the key aspects of marketing yourself professionally on social media. Your profile is how you convey who you are to employers so it must be extraordinary. But how do you do this? First is your profile picture, which would ideally be a professional image of you without any distracting elements in the background. An impactful headline is a great way to grab the attention of employers. There are multiple tools you can use, such as your “about” section. Your “about” section should be goal-driven, and an accurate and impressive representation of who you are and what you do. These skills can also be translated into how you would market yourself in an interview. Try to be mindful of the ones you are connecting with. Instead of connecting with everyone, connect only with individuals that are relevant to your field.

3. Personal Brand

Your personal brand is something you should be actively working on, rather than creating a profile and then leaving it be. The way you communicate will have an impact on how you market yourself. Try to always be clear, and avoid being generic and vague. Instead, use words that align with your career goals. The way you think will have a great impact on your decision-making. Therefore, try to think of this as a mindset rather than simple dos and don’ts. Finding your niche can also get you closer to a great personal brand. Your content is a reflection of who you are, so be conscious of what you are putting out. An expert tip: you should act like the position you want. Showcase your strengths and talents so that employers know what they will be gaining from you if they hire you. Making these few changes can get you closer to effectively marketing yourself to employers.

4. Posts

The content you’re putting out is very important as it says a lot about you. Try to think about your audience when you post and make sure it is relevant to that crowd. Be mindful of how much you post because less can be more. A video like JobReels on Joblu is also a great way to showcase yourself and capture an employer’s attention. It is known to be more powerful than written words. Don’t be shy to interact with others’ posts as this is the first step to getting noticed and building your network. 

Market Yourself for a Job on Joblu

Joblu is built by job seekers, for job seekers. Therefore the very people who have created Joblu know exactly what works best and how to put job seekers ahead of the market. 


The Joblu app offers a fun and interactive way of going through jobs thanks to its quick and easy swiping feature which works similarly to a dating app. One of Joblu’s special tools is the Elevator Pitch or JobReel, allowing job seekers to share a quick snippet of themselves. This enables them to capture the attention of the employers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Marketing Yourself

Q: How to market yourself for a job? 

A: Be resourceful and use the tools available to you. This means, making the most out of your online profile and the content you post. As much as you can, remain professional and authentic in the way you present yourself and be proactive in your job seeking journey! 


Q: How to market yourself in an interview? 

A: The way you portray yourself in an interview is similar to the way you would portray yourself online, so use and apply those strategies when being interviewed. Remember to stay focused on your goals and objectives, and let the employers know what you would bring to the table if they were to hire you. 


Q: How to market yourself as a student? 

A: Even though it can be more challenging as a student, if you use the proper communication and social media tools, you can still achieve your career goals. Make sure to highlight your achievements and skills in a way that lets the team know how valuable you could be rather than focusing on your position as a student. 


Q: How to market yourself online? 

A: The online world can be overwhelming sometimes as there is so much out there. However, if you focus on your strengths and achievements and use those to position yourself professionally, you can successfully market yourself online


Q: How to market yourself on Joblu?

A: Joblu offers easy and quick ways to put your best foot forward when creating your profile. For example, the Job Reel is a great way to give employers a strong idea of who you are and what you can do. 


Now you can begin your journey and start using these strategies to market yourself professionally on social media! Remember to always maintain the mindset of achieving your career goals and use all the tools available to you online to express who you are in the most efficient way possible. 

If you want to keep getting closer to your dream job and find more opportunities, try Joblu now! In just a few clicks you can have a Joblu account and start your job search right away.

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