Joblu CEO Reveals Top Strategies for Winning Over Investors with the “Perfect Pitch”

One of Singapore’s top schools, Nanyang Technological University’s (NTU), invited Joblu Founder & CEO Abhii Dabas to share his expertise at their annual STARTathon event, organized by Garage@EEE. Known for fostering an entrepreneurial mindset among students, the event’s highlight was Abhii’s captivating presentation on creating “The Perfect Pitch.” His invaluable insights are set to empower young professionals in making their mark in the business world, showcasing the significance of his expertise in shaping the next generation of entrepreneurs.


During his talk, Dabas provided an insider’s perspective on what investors expect from a winning pitch, as well as crucial tips on crafting a compelling deck. The expertise he shared undoubtedly played a significant role in preparing NTU students for the highly anticipated event on April 11, where students presented their innovative business ideas and prototypes. Below are his presentation’s main highlights:

The Core of Your Pitch: Solving a Problem and Building a Strong Team

During his presentation, Dabas emphasized that at the early stages, nobody will care about your product yet. The key is to convince potential investors that your product will solve a pressing problem. He highlighted that a startup’s product will undergo multiple changes, and that finances are a make-or-break factor for a pitch. However, the product can only be refined if the team behind it is competent, the problem is significant enough, and the approach is smart.

Crafting a Compelling Narrative: The Power of Your "Why" and Product-Market Fit

Dabas underscored the importance of knowing your “why” and incorporating it into your pitch narrative. He advised that entrepreneurs should be able to condense their product or service into a single, powerful sentence that captures its essence and value proposition. Furthermore, he stressed that the most crucial element of any pitch is establishing a clear product-market fit and validation. Without these components, there is no investment, and therefore no business. A strong product-market fit is the foundation upon which all other aspects of a startup can flourish.

Marketing Strategies and Planning for the Future: Focus on Low-Cost, High-Impact Channels and a 5-Year Roadmap

When discussing marketing strategies, Dabas cautioned against relying on generic approaches. Instead, he encouraged startups to focus on low-cost, high-impact channels that maximize exposure and return on investment. He likewise highlighted the value of presenting a well-defined 5-year roadmap, complete with important milestones. Furthermore, he emphasized the importance of knowing your projected numbers in 5 years to showcase your startup’s potential growth and long-term viability.

How do you know you’re on the right track?

Once a startup has achieved product-market fit, Dabas noted that other aspects of the business, such as business development, marketing, and partnerships, will naturally fall into place.

Top Tips for a Winning Pitch, According to Abhii Dabas

  • Be authentic
  • Know your “why”
  • Keep the meeting as conversational as possible
  • Have a targeted approach for investors with a nature-fit

By following Abhii’s guidance, budding entrepreneurs can significantly increase their chances of winning over investors and achieving startup success.

how to pitch to investors by joblu ceo abhii dabas
In a world where competition is fierce and the stakes are high, Abhii Dabas’ insights during his presentation will play a vital role in shaping the future of entrepreneurship for the next generation. As these bright students take on the world of entrepreneurship, their success will stand as a testament to the power of perseverance, critical thinking, and the importance of mentorship from industry leaders like Dabas.

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