Planning Your Big Career Move? Top 5 Job Search Tips for the New Year

If you’re thinking about switching jobs and looking up New Year job search tips as 2023 approaches, you’re not alone. Workers all over the world are in a flux about their current jobs. In a US survey, 40% of 2021 job-switchers said they were looking for another job the same year they got their new ones. In a Singapore youth survey, 38% of young workers (Gen Z and Millennials) admit having plans to switch jobs within 6 months. Meanwhile, in Europe, a third of 16,000 survey respondents from 9 European countries say they plan to quit their jobs in the next 3 to 6 months.


The New Year is always a time when most people consider making a fresh start. That’s because the season “gives us a sense of renewal,” according to psychologist Mariana Strongin, PsyD. The problem is that the excitement doesn’t last, a big reason most New Year’s resolutions fail. 


You can apply the same principle to your New Year job search. If your excitement over change is your top motivator, you’re prone to make an impulsive career choice. This could lead you back to where you started. So whether you’re looking for a better job opportunity or making a career switch, it’s important to take a step back before making your next move.  Reflect and strategize, instead of blindly taking a leap. This is to ensure that you’re making the right decision.


In this blog, we give you the ultimate New Year job-hunting guide. We’ll run through everything you need to do before your New Year job search. Then, we’ll provide you with useful job-hunting tips for the New Year.

Your must-dos before your New Year job search

what not to do during job search | new year job search tips

Before we give you a run-down of practical New Year job search tips, prepare your mindset for the shift that you’re seeking in your professional life.

1. Reflect on your dissatisfaction

Why do you want to change jobs? Is it the job itself or the company? If it’s the job, what is your ideal job scenario? If it’s the company, what do you like and not like about your company? Also consider the question, what if you don’t need to switch jobs? Reflecting on these questions can help you assess your situation — whether you really need to embark on a New Year job search, and what exactly you’re looking for that your present job or company can’t fulfill.

2. Take stock of your skillset, values, and interests

Review the skills that have helped you succeed in the past, whether it’s at school or in your current job. Match them up with the in-demand skills in the job market. How can you better present yourself to prospective employers? Will you need to upskill to meet the demand in your line of work?

3. Switching jobs within the industry or changing industry?

If you want to leave your current industry, where do you plan to go next? What transferable skills can you take from your present job? How else can you better equip yourself to qualify in your chosen field? Consider taking a certificate course or online course — there are tons of great sites for free online courses. You may also want to think about taking up an internship or apprenticeship.

5 Practical New Year Job Search Tips

Sure about making a career switch? Follow these practical job-hunting tips for the New Year for a successful job search.

2023 new year job search tips infographics

1. Know the best time of the year to find a new job

Most experts note January as the best time of the year to find a new job. Just like you, companies are eager to make a fresh start, with their new hiring budgets and plans for the New Year. However, it may also depend on the industry and region. The education sector often hires full blast before the beginning of a school year. More jobs open up in the hospitality and service industries before the big holidays. To know the best time of the year to find a new job in your industry, review the trends.

2. Edit your resume and cover letter

Is your resume ATS-friendly? Make sure to customize each resume you submit to incorporate the keywords on the job post you’re responding to. Similarly, craft an updated cover letter to highlight your unique selling points or USPs as a candidate.

3. Don’t limit yourself to the usual job search platforms

New job apps like Joblu can open you up to more opportunities compared to the usual job sites. Maximize your network — contact former bosses or colleagues for job leads and referrals. Lastly, don’t discount career fairs. Most job fair exhibitors conduct onsite interviews. They can also answer your concerns or questions directly so there are less chances of recruitment ghosting there.

4. Use your social media presence as an extension of your application

Most recruiters admit to using social media as a vetting tool during the application process, so it’s best to clean up your digital footprint. You should also take advantage of your social media presence to showcase your works and interests.

5. Be intentional about your job applications

Following this New Year job hunting guide will be for nothing if you send out applications willy-nilly. Choose with care and apply with care. Customize your resume and cover letter. Learn more about the company you’re applying to so you can improve your chances of getting a job.

Switching jobs or career paths is exciting, but don’t let your excitement get the best of you. Introspect and make proper plans and strategies and use your past experiences to guide you through your next move. Carefully map out your plans with these New Year job search tips in mind so you can make a fresh start.


Ready for your next big opportunity this New Year? Download the Joblu app so you can connect with employers all around the world. With just a swipe, you can take your next step towards a meaningful job you won’t want to leave.

Frequently Asked Questions About New Year Job Search Tips

Q: What are the three most effective job search strategies?

A: The top 3 most effective job search strategies are:

  1. Know the best time of the year to find a new job in your niche.
  2. Don’t rely on the usual job search platforms. Use new ones like Joblu to widen your search. Ask for referrals from your colleagues.
  3. Maintain a great online presence. 

Q: What are the 5 most common mistakes job seekers make during a job search?

A: The 5 most common mistakes job seekers make are:

  1. Putting too much weight on grades and academic achievements
  2. Not being committed to the job search
  3. Preparing a generic resume for every job application
  4. Relying only on the usual job application methods
  5. Being easily frustrated by setbacks

Q: Which month is best for a job search?

A: The best month, according to most experts, is January. This is when a lot of companies are eager to hire. It will also depend on your industry and your location. 


Q: How do I stand out in a job search?

A: The best way to stand out in a job search is to customize an ATS-friendly resume for the job post you’re responding to.


Q: What not to do during a job search?

A: Here are some bad practices to avoid on a job search:

  • Sending generic resumes and cover letters
  • Applying to too many jobs
  • Not researching the company you’re applying to
  • Not knowing what you want in a job

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