Top Recruitment Trends You Should Keep an Eye On This 2023 to Up Your Hiring Game

Recent technological advancements and the ongoing pandemic are forcing the modern workplace to evolve more than ever. From shifts in recruiting expectations to AI-powered hiring, disruptive recruitment trends continue to emerge. 


The demand for talent is greater than the supply, and talent shortages are at a 10-year high. By 2030, it’s predicted that more than 85 million jobs could go unfilled because there aren’t enough skilled people to fill them. 

recruitment trends 2023 statistics

Amid it all, talent teams are getting creative: they’re prioritizing the candidate experience, employer branding, and alternative sourcing channels. It’s no longer enough to sit back and expect candidates to find you. Every organization has to be proactively recruiting if they want to find enough people to find roles. That means embracing recruitment marketing tactics like targeted career sites and employer branding content to build a robust talent pipeline ahead of hiring demand.

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How your hiring process can be more effective

Whether you’re on your first hire or your thousandth, every employer should have a defined process in place for recruiting and onboarding. Over time, it will become more streamlined as you gain hiring experience and tweak your standard operating procedures accordingly. With any hire, take these steps to get your company ready for the new employee.

1. Be creative

Every candidate will be prepared for commonplace interview questions. Find new and creative ways for you to truly understand how applicants think, so you’ll have a much better sense of your candidate. Instead of asking, “Can you tell me about yourself?” ask “What qualities do you admire most about yourself?”

2. Be challenging

Ask questions where they are more likely to show their true personalities. To determine whether a job candidate is a good fit for the role, employers need to ask the right questions. Dig beneath the surface and find out a candidate’s potential.

3. Allow your employees to help

You are not the only person who is going to have to work with this candidate. There is likely already a team of employees you trust that will have to interact with him or her every day. Their opinion matters.

Recruitment Industry Trends in 2023

recruitment trends 2023 to watch out for

Aside from knowing the right recruiting mix, it is important for businesses and hiring managers to be aware of the emerging trends in recruitment and selection. Here are the trends you have to watch out for in 2023:

Employer branding

In a highly competitive talent market, a compelling employer brand is key to attracting the best talents. Businesses with excellent employer brands receive more qualified applicants. Having a great brand image helps in reducing hiring costs per candidate, as well.

Hybrid work model

Post-pandemic, the hybrid work model has become more normal than the traditional office model. When state lockdowns first occurred, most assumed they would return to the office full-time. But as lockdowns continued, employees became more accustomed to working from home. With that said, workers lacked the social aspect they once got from the office. Thus, hybrid work became the go-to option to offer employees.

Company values

Core values help lead candidates to the right company. However, many companies’ values are vague and generic. Making your values clear helps build relationships with candidates from the start and attracts workers more likely to stay.

AI-powered head-hunting advances

Artificial Intelligence has penetrated the HR hiring environment, and the initial outcomes are positive. Recruitment vendors and HR managers agree that AI technology is never meant to replace recruiters. It’s designed to vastly improve their roles. 

Digital recruitment

Ramping up your digital presence will make you more visible to prospective hires. Even before the pandemic, most job seekers have already turned to digital platforms to find jobs. And beyond that, candidates now expect the next steps of recruitment to be done virtually.

Workplace Trends for 2023

The modern workplace is constantly evolving. With it, the way we hire and retain top talent is facing a slew of era-defining changes. To keep up with these changes, business leaders must rise to the occasion and show a deep understanding of the latest workplace trends. 

Centralized communication

Communication in workplaces has come a long way. Technology has given birth to many innovations that have revolutionized work communication. Instant messaging, chat apps, and social media have swooped in, making communication fast and efficient. Besides, the market has a plethora of reliable video conference software for remote teams.

Emphasis on work-life balance

Today, working late nights or long weeks to earn more is never a pre-eminence. Modern employees are now looking for a better work-life balance and perks that positively impact their well-being. After all, reports show that many employees are experiencing burnout even though the pandemic has forced most of them to work remotely.

Gen Zs entering the workforce

Gen Z is the newest entrant to the modern workforce, and this generation is approaching things differently. They are technology mavens, born and raised entirely in a fast-paced and internet-centric environment. According to a study, Gen Z workers expect fair pay, diverse and inclusive teams, meaningful work, and an environment with a focus on mental health.

Without a doubt, recruitment is a complex domain. As it is a core part of a business, doing it wrongly can negatively impact your business. 


Knowing the future trends, listening to candidate or recruiter challenges, and taking proactive action is the only way companies can survive and lead the industry.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Recruitment Trends

Q: What are the future trends in recruitment?

A: Technology has changed the dynamics of the recruitment game completely, and in the future, it will continue to do so. Below is a list of the future trends in recruitment:

  1. Compelling employer branding
  2. Hybrid work model
  3. Clear company values
  4. AI-powered head-hunting advances
  5. Digital recruitment

Q: What are recruiters looking for in 2023?

A: Personal traits are the qualities that turn up during the interview. It’s the impression you leave through your attitude and how you compose yourself the second you walk in the door. 


Q: What are the recent trends?

A: Here are some 2023 recruiting trends and changes we can expect:

  • Employer branding
  • Hybrid work model
  • Company values
  • AI-powered head-hunting advances
  • Digital recruitment

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