Singapore Holidays 2023: How to Maximize Your Long Weekends in the Year Ahead

Most full-time workers in Singapore are entitled to 12 days of annual leave. When used wisely, this time off can reap huge rewards for you both personally and professionally. After all, everyone deserves a break from work and with some preparation, you can maximize your annual leave in 2023 and more than your paid time off.


We look at how you can achieve the maximum possible downtime by taking advantage of public holidays and weekends. With these annual leave hacks for 2023, you’ll return to work recharged and ready to perform at your best. 

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List of Singapore Public Holidays

Here’s a complete list of 2023 Singapore Public Holidays. These days may be modified as official changes are announced.



Your Cheat Sheet for Scheduling Leaves

Planning to revenge travel this 2023? Check out our guide to maximize your leave for longer vacations.


We won’t see another long weekend until April, so use your time off wisely. Good Friday falls on April 7, while Hari Raya Puasa follows shortly after on April 22. Consider using that day off on April 24–if you take off an additional four days of your annual leave from April 25-28, you’ve got yourself a ten-day holiday stretching until May 1. 


If the above option doesn’t strike your fancy, consider keeping to another long weekend trip over Labor Day, or plan on using your annual leave the following week instead (May 2-5).


Another long weekend awaits in June. Vesak day falls on a Saturday, June 3, and the Singaporean government has gazetted Friday, June 2, as the official public holiday. Just a few weeks later, Hari Raya Haji will fall on Thursday, June 29 this year, which means you can strategically reserve one day of annual leave on June 30 for a four-day weekend.


National Day falls in the middle of the week, on Wednesday, August 9. It sure would be a shame to go back to work the day after, so we recommend taking the rest of the week off. One public holiday plus two days of annual leave equals a five-day vacation, right at your fingertips. 


September and October are notorious for being a dry periods for public holidays, which means taking some time off in November is an absolute must. Deepavali falls on Sunday, November 12, meaning the next day, November 13, will be a public holiday–so, celebrate with a long weekend away. 


Pretty much everyone goes out of office during holidays, so why shouldn’t you? Since Christmas Day falls on a Monday, don’t even bother going back to work the rest of the week, so you can party into the New Year for nine days straight.

How to Make the Most of Your Time Off During the Holidays

Read on to get a few tips and learn things to do on your day off to really recharge.

1. Set boundaries

It can be hard to fully remove yourself from work, even when on vacation. This is especially true when working virtually has turned many of our homes into our workplaces, and the internet and mobile devices mean we are always a click away from connecting.


But while it’s difficult to disconnect from work, it’s certainly not impossible. It just means that we have to set boundaries and stick to them. One trick is to remove distractions and disable habits that draw you into work activities.

2. Go somewhere – anywhere

If you can afford it, do your best to get away from home – and from as many of your other responsibilities as possible – during your time off. Chances are, there are a lot of people who rely on you, but it’s important to get some time when you don’t need to make a lot of decisions. Getting out of the house helps, even if it’s to a nearby bed and breakfast.

3. Prepare your colleagues and clients early

To allay some of that pre-vacation anxiety, work with supervisors or other leaders in your organization to ensure that there’s good coverage for core work tasks in your absence, which may require some flexibility around the dates of your travel. 


Use the time before your vacation to ensure that other people can handle any of your duties that arise while you’re away. But rather than delegating, think of it as an opportunity of teaching others how to take aspects of your job. After all, the further you go in your career, the more you need to take on the role of mentoring others. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Singapore Holidays

Q: What are Singapore national holidays?

A: In total, Singapore public holidays for 2023 has 14 days for 10 public holidays. If a holiday falls on a Sunday, the following day is usually declared a public holiday, unless the Monday itself is already a public holiday.


Q: Are shops open during public holidays in Singapore?

A: Most shops are open on public holidays in Singapore.


Q: Is 24 April 2023 a public holiday?

A: April 24 will be a school holiday and a designated day off-in-lieu, schools are closed including the General Office, Student Care Centre/Kindergarten Care. 


Q: Which country has the longest public holidays?

A: Iran has the most public holidays of any country in the world with 27 days.


Taking time off from work is essential for productivity, happiness, and employees’ long-term wellbeing. Truth is, it is a necessity, not a luxury. It gives time to refresh, protects against burnout, and allows workers to focus on a positive work-life balance. 

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