Joblu Partners with KodeGo to Help Job Seekers Stand Out With A Good Profile

Nowadays, the competition is stiffer than ever before. So stiff that hiring managers and recruiters can only spare 7 seconds for each resume that touches their desks. How can one survive and thrive in such a job market?


To help address the struggles first-time job seekers and career shifters face, Joblu partners with universities and companies worldwide to equip them with practical tips and knowledge for their forays into the workforce.


Joblu’s latest partnership is a webinar hosted with KodeGo, an online IT school offering full-time courses, a study-now pay-later scheme, and end-to-end career assistance in the Philippines. In this webinar, Joblu’s Founder & CEO Abhii Dabas breaks down the usual problems first-time job seekers can expect during their job hunt. He offers useful information on how to make your job-hunting experience strategic and successful with practical tips on how to stand out and be noticed by recruiters and how to be more intentional with your job applications.

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Job seekers’ most common problems

While job seekers have more options than ever before, that doesn’t make the job hunt any easier.   Apart from having the same problems older generations once faced, current job seekers also have to contend with the challenges of today’s fast-paced world.


According to Dabas, here are the most common hurdles:

how to get noticed by employers

There’s no cut-and-dried solution to make all these problems go away. We can even say that these hurdles are just inextricable parts of the job-hunting process. 


However, all hope is not lost. Job seekers do have control over two crucial elements of the job hunt: their profile and their job application strategy.

How to create a profile that stands out

Every job opportunity starts with getting noticed by your prospective employer. While there are other ways to do so, the most tried-and-tested and reliable way is to reach out to them with your profile or resume.


Submitting a profile or resume is not a guarantee that you will be noticed, even if you pepper it with your glowing academic achievements. So how exactly do you create a great first impression on paper, enough for recruiters and hiring managers to read on?

Essentials of an extraordinary profile

  • A polished and professional-looking headshot taken in the last three months.
  • A short, impactful headline that grabs attention, highlighting your primary skills.
  • Accurate position/job title, as stated in the job post you’re responding to.
  • A goal-driven “About” section with positive, action verbs
  • List specific hard and soft skills, preferably matching the keywords on the job post
  • Add your relevant certifications, accomplishments, and awards
  • Upload testimonials and endorsements from reliable people in your network

Apart from carefully crafting such a profile, in this day and age, you should also pay attention to your personal branding.

How to build a professional personal brand

Hiring managers and employers typically look at a job candidate’s social media as part of their screening process. While some of them are perusing these sites for possible red flags, they’re also looking at your posts for insight into who you are beyond what’s on paper. So apart from making sure you have a clean digital footprint, consider using your social media platforms as an extension of your professional profile. 


Developing a personal brand means being consistent in what you say, do, and share online. The consistency also applies to what you post across platforms, sharing your insights, articles you find interesting, and even glimpses into your daily life. Recruiters are especially responsive to self-starter candidates who show genuine interest in their field by focusing on their growth and learning — and sharing their learnings online.


Dabas cautions against spending too much time focusing solely on personal branding. “Creating personal branding is like brushing your teeth,” he said. “You do it everyday. Do it regularly, but don’t overdo it.”


Another tip for establishing your personal brand: don’t be limited to one social media platform. LinkedIn is crucial for professionals and fresh grads, but it’s not the only site where you can shine. If you’re creative, share your process on TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube, or display your body of work on Behance or on your own blog. If you like sharing your learnings about your specific field, you can publish long-form essays on Medium or Facebook and cross-promote them on Twitter.


The key to developing and establishing a personal brand that stands out is to think of it as a living and breathing extension of your profile.

How to be more intentional with your job applications

how to get noticed by employers

A great profile and a brilliant personal brand can help you get your foot in the door, but these alone won’t guarantee you a successful job application. Being more intentional is key.


Being more intentional means reflecting on your goals and non-negotiables before sending out an application. Then, based on what you’ve learned about yourself through your reflection, create your strategy. As Dabas advised during the webinar: “You’re better off strategically applying to 6 of the right employers than 600 of the wrong ones.”


Here are some questions you can reflect on before sending out your applications:

What am I looking for in a job?

Are you looking for a work-from-home setup, or would you prefer a hybrid setup? Are you okay with regular 3-hour meetings? Can you work on different shifts? Be honest with yourself regarding your non-negotiables so you don’t accidentally end up applying for a job with one of them.

What can I offer as an employee?

Know how to pitch yourself as the perfect job candidate with total confidence. Reflect on your skills and achievements and how they make you a valuable addition to any team. Now is not the time to succumb to imposter syndrome.

What kind of employer am I looking for?

In this job candidate market, employers are out to impress their job candidates, too. So look past the glamour and the superficial perks — look up your prospective employers beforehand and read up on their company values and initiatives. If there’s no information online, you can ask during the interview.


The job market is constantly and quickly changing, as we’ve observed in the last few years. There’s nothing we can do to slow down the changes, so as a job-seeker, you must take the initiative to evolve with the times and equip yourself with the best practices to get ahead of the game.


Looking for the next great opportunity? Sign up on Joblu to get a headstart on your job search. For recruiters and employers, Joblu makes matching with the right candidates much more efficient. Join the next step in the global job search, where dream jobs and dream employees are just a single swipe away.

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