Make 2023 Your Year of Rest and Relaxation: US Holidays 2023

It goes without saying: taking a break from work is essential to an individual’s well-being. Holidays and vacations do not take away from a worker’s productivity. Instead, they can enhance it, providing motivation and inspiration. If one of your goals for the year is to go on a vacation, mark the US holidays 2023 dates so you can schedule your breaks well.


US federal holidays 2023 are public legal holidays during which federal government employees receive days off. State governments and private companies use these dates as guides if they also want to offer the same holidays to their employees. Private companies can also decide whether they want to offer a special holiday rate for workers as it can be a boon to employment packages. Currently, the US government recognizes 10 federal holidays, though they’re subject to additions throughout the year.

In this blog, we’ll list down the dates for the officially recognized 2023 US federal holidays. We’ll include the basic guidelines for determining whether you’re entitled to a holiday. Lastly, we offer you some ideas on how to spend the 2023 US holidays.

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US Holidays 2023

US federal holidays come in two classifications: fixed and floating. Fixed holidays, as the name implies, have a fixed date. However, if they fall on a weekend, they can move to either Friday or Monday, whichever is closest. Floating holidays, on the other hand, have designated days in a particular month. So while their days are fixed, the dates they’re observed can move.


These are not the only holidays observed by the US. Each state has its own separate holidays and holds the option to follow the 2023 US federal holidays.


Here’s the 2023 calendar with holidays for the USA.

Throughout the year, the US president can proclaim special days or weeks for public observances. These can include a commemorative day for a historic figure or a public mourning for a noted public figure.

How to Know If You’re Entitled to a Day Off

Federal government employees working in non-essential agencies receive days off from work during US federal holidays 2023. State government employees typically follow the same schedule, though they have the option not to. 


Full-time workers who are not on a Monday-to-Friday work schedule may not be able to observe a particular holiday. However, they’re still entitled to a day off with the “replacement or in-lieu-of holiday.” If you’re a part-time employee working on a holiday, you don’t get a replacement holiday. But if you can’t render work because your office is closed, your employer could then ask you to go on administrative leave.


If you’re employed by a private company, you may or may not be entitled to days off during US holidays. It depends on your employer. So if you’re signing with a new company, best to ask them about their holiday offers. Some companies offer days off, while some can also offer paid holiday work.

Working on a holiday? Full-time and part-time federal and state employees are entitled to a holiday premium rate.

Activities and Ideas for US Holidays 2023

Entitled to a few days off for the holidays? Gather up your friends and loved ones and make plans for the year. Here are a few activities you can line up in your USA holidays 2023 calendar.

1. Join meaningful observances

Be in touch with the country’s history and take your family along for the ride. For MLK Day, you can take a trip to visit the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, or if you can’t go on a trip, volunteer with a local civil rights group. To celebrate Juneteenth as a new federal holiday, join Opal’s Walk for Freedom in the state nearest you.

2. Support local businesses

Going on a day trip or staying in town on your days off? Supporting local small businesses can be a fun and meaningful way to celebrate a holiday.

3. Party with your neighborhood

Host a cook-out for your neighbors on the 4th of July or Labor Day. Are you a pro angler? Why not take your neighbor veterans out for a group fishing trip on Veteran’s Day?


Tip: If you’re planning on going out of town or to a different state, make sure to look up their local or state holidays. Then you can decide if you want to join their festivities or avoid the crowds.


Holidays are important occasions every worker should maximize if they’re entitled to them. So if you’re planning your activities for the rest of the year, it’s best to be aware of which days off you’re entitled to in your workplace. That way, you can easily sync your schedule with your family and friends and spend more time together.


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Frequently Asked Questions about US Holidays 2023

Q: How many holidays are in the USA in 2023?

A: The US federal government recognizes 10 holidays in 2023.


Q: Is January 2, 2023 a US holiday?

A: For 2023, it is a US holiday, as January 1 falls on a Sunday.


Q: What are the 6 major holidays in the US?

A: The following are considered major business holidays in the US:New Year’s Day

  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Majority of private businesses follow these holidays by giving their workers paid time off during the dates.


Q: Do Americans only get a 2-week holiday?

A: On average, American workers get 10 days of paid vacation, but this may increase based on their tenure at a given company. The number of paid days off can also vary depending on the employer.

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