The Best Work-Friendly Cafes in Bali To Boost Your Productivity

There’s no denying that Bali is one of the perfect summer getaways that you go to with its expansive rice terraces, unspoiled beaches, and prime surfing spots. However, you’ll be surprised to know that this Indonesian classic is also home to digital nomads and to Instagrammable work-friendly cafes


Bali has been a hotspot for digital nomads and coffee lovers for a long time. Every day, you’ll see plenty of remote working kindred spirits gather at island cafes to work their laptops — and squeeze in some socializing — before logging off to relax in paradise.


Whether you’re finding someplace to camp out in between beach-hopping to check emails, update your travel vlogs, or just to upload photos on social media — a good spot to work at is important. 


Consider your research done as we’ve compiled a list of the best cafes in Bali for you to work from. After you have some fun touring around Bali, come and savor a delicious cup of joe, grab a snack and get your work done at any of these following cool coffee spots. Read on to see our list!

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Criteria for a Good Cafe to Work From

Good atmosphere

In an effort to make a great impression, a work-friendly coffee shop must offer a comfortable and welcoming setting. The area should have spacious tables, comfy chairs, and plenty of natural lighting.

Relaxing music

Never underestimate the power of music. Even when a coffee shop is alive with chatter, it’s nice to have something in the background to help set the mood and boost productivity.


No matter what vibe you’re after, cleanliness is essential when looking for a coffee shop to work from. Especially during these times, you should ensure that there are still health and safety guidelines for a completely safe environment.

Excellent customer service

This goes without saying, but excellent customer service is a must to ensure a good coffee shop experience. For digital nomads, having things easily accessible and having baristas available to answer goes a long way.

Beautifully-designed shops

You need to know what kind of aesthetic you want to work at because you need a creative environment to be at your best. From the colors that surround you to the intangible feeling of cohesiveness — these play a role in your productivity.

Best work-friendly cafes in Bali

Whether you’re a jet-setting digital nomad or just looking for a place to maximize productivity, you know that having an environment conducive to focused work is essential. Next time you’re on deadline, pop into one of these best Bali cafes to get your wi-fi and caffeine fix.

1. Coffee ‘n’ Oven

Hustling hard and in need of a pick-me-up? This tasty bakery churns out fresh bread, cakes, and pastries that will perfectly complement your afternoon coffee. Absolutely one of the best places to start your work day! 

Address: Pantai Berawa No.51, Tibubeneng, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kapupaten Badung

Budget: USD 10

2. I Am Vegan Babe

This delightful space serves up delicious plant-based food and has some of the fastest wi-fi around. Oh, and did we mention the beautiful rice field views to gaze out on as you type? A visit to this cafe in Canggu is an instant mood booster.

Address: Tanah Barak No.49, Canggu, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung

Budget: USD 10

3. Mr. Sista

This small, idyllic place in Berawa corner offers nice seating for those who need a little bit of extra style if aesthetics is your thing. They have a good selection of bagels and coffee to keep you company while you work and plenty of corners perfect for the ‘gram!

Address: Jalan Tegal Sari No.28, Berawa Tibubeneng, Kec.Kuta Utara Kabupaten Badung Berawa, Canggu

Budget: USD 3 – 5

4. Lighthouse Studios & Social Club

Although this list is focused on work-friendly coffee shops, Lighthouse is essentially a hybrid coworking space and cafe. While they have designated places for meetings and studios for recording podcasts, their dining and coffee area is perfect for you to get some work done.

Address: Raya Kerobokan No.5X, Kerobokan Kelod, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung

Budget: USD 3 – 5

5. Lusa By/Suka

This two-story bistro located in the heart of Berawa has a nice co-working area on the second floor that is quite comfy. Some might find it challenging to work here due to the noise of their kitchen. But there are quite a number of people who say they actually get work done because the space pretty much discourages chit-chats and allows people to use their time wisely.

Address: Pantai Berawa, Tibubeneng, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung

Budget: USD 5 – 12

How to be Productive at a Cafe

How to be productive at a cafe

If you decide that working from a cafe is right for you, then there are ways to streamline your experience and make your stay more productive. Take a look at our top tips. 

Go in with a game plan

Plan your priorities and tasks before you leave your house, or at least have an idea of what you want to tackle. That way, when you get to the coffee shop, you can hit the ground running and start knocking out tasks.

Bring the essential gear

At the very minimum, be sure you bring your charger along with your laptop. Beyond that, add items only as necessary. Work to develop a lightweight setup that you can quickly pack and unpack.

Take breaks

Being stationary and staring at your laptop for hours on end isn’t good for your brain, body, or productivity. So make sure you set some time aside for a break.

Don’t overstay your welcome

Just a friendly reminder that while you may love working from your favorite coffee shop, it is, in fact, not your office. Don’t overstay your welcome by sitting there for 8 hours all day every day. You’re taking up real valuable real estate for other paying customers who want to take a seat, so keep that in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions About Work-Friendly Cafes in Bali

Q: How can I work well in a coffee shop?

A: Respect the cafe and its customers by keeping noise to a minimum, cleaning up after yourself, and not hogging extra space.


Q: Why do I work better in cafes?

A: Busy and noisy places like coffee shops enhance creativity and concentration. Research has shown that a moderate level of ambient noise improves performance on creative tasks.


Q: What is the best cafe in Bali to work from?

A: Here’s  list of the must-visit work-friendly cafes in Bali:


  1. Coffee ‘n’ Oven
  2. I Am Vegan Babe
  3. Mr. Sista
  4. Lighthouse Studios & Social Club
  5. Lusa By/Suka

As more and more people take on work-from-home positions and remote learning courses, coffee shops are becoming the new remote workplace. After all, a coffee shop has such a warm and welcoming environment that students and professionals from all walks of life are loving. 


Looking for a remote job? Visit Joblu, so you can be productive while sipping good coffee wherever you work. 

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