Love in the Workplace: Stories, Advice, and Jobs for Couples

There’s no denying that it’s more difficult to meet people as adults. With the fast-paced and often intense work schedules, it’s no surprise that people mix love and career. A 2022 survey by LiveCareer showed that a staggering 75% of employees have had a romantic relationship at work. This is great news for those hoping to find love in the office or for couples in the same jobs because working together can strengthen the relationship. However, there’s a dark side to office relationships too. The same survey mentioned that close to 70% knew someone who had cheated on their partner with a coworker.


If you’re bold enough to pursue a relationship in the workplace, it can yield high rewards like success in both love and career — well, except for those cheating on their partners. This Valentine’s season, let’s examine the challenges and rewards of office romances, including a focus on the best jobs for couples who are looking to combine their love and their careers. This article has it all, from actual success stories to advice on how to make it work.

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Mixing Work with Pleasure: Jobs for Couples in the Same Workplace

Apart from working with your spouse or significant other in the same company, there are a plethora of other jobs to do as a couple. We’ll explore the different career options whether the job is in-person or remote, including the challenges of each one: 

1. Business Partners

A 2022 article by Business Leader mentioned that Free Agent’s previous research reported more than 1.4 million couple-owned companies in the UK. Having a business together can be a fulfilling and exciting experience for same-career couples because you get to work together every day. Working together in a business can potentially be an effective way to strengthen your bond and support for each other through a common goal. By running a business together, couples can storm the ups and downs together while bringing unique perspectives and skills to the table to create a dynamic business relationship.

However, it also has its downside. According to a 2021 article by the Exit Consulting Group, 70% of business partnerships do not succeed. That’s why it’s crucial for couples to have open communication, clear roles and responsibilities, and a well-defined plan for the future of their business before jumping in. There’s no shame in seeking outside support like asking for business advice or attending couples’ therapy if needed. However, careful planning, open communication, and quality time outside of business can make the business partnership a fulfilling one.

2. Teachers

Much like business partners, teachers are one of the jobs that can hire partners, depending on the school. This nature of work can provide an opportunity to work together in the same environment while having your own personal time and space. Granted that spouses working together don’t normally belong to one department, the same environment allows couples to share ideas and resources. At the same time, couples may also rely on their partners for feedback and help on lessons, projects, and grading. 


A 2022  article from the National Education Association highlighted a current teacher shortage in the United States, leading to significant burnout among educators. Survey results suggested that nearly 95% of respondents expressed a desire to hire additional staff and teachers. Given this demand, teaching might be an excellent career opportunity for you and your partner to explore as schools increasingly seek qualified educators.

3. Remote workers

For couples working in the same industry, a remote set-up is also a good option especially if they need to manage a household or simply enjoy working from home or different locations. Whether you’re working together with your partner or with a different company, it can offer the ultimate work-life balance if you manage your time wisely. You can enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere, including the same location, and have the opportunity to spend more quality time together. Some remote opportunities on Joblu include:

There are numerous remote jobs for couples but some people work more hours than normal as  a result of having multiple jobs. A 2021 study by Nature Human Behaviour indicated that WFH employees work about 10% more than their colleagues. This is especially true for the Philippines-based digital nomad couple, Jayve and Ardys. Even as a couple working remotely together in one space, they admit to giving most of their attention to their screens rather than each other. Nonetheless, their story highlights how remote jobs for couples can help each one get higher compensation and make time for things that matter.

4. Content Creators

For creative couples, working together as content creators or influencers can be a highly fulfilling experience. This option may be one of the unconventional jobs for couples, but it allows couples to collaborate, share ideas, and create content based on both of their passions. By creating videos, writing blog posts, or producing podcasts, couples can share the same goal of building a brand together and growing their following. 


Working together in public also has its fair share of obstacles, particularly when it comes to balancing your personal and professional relationships. For one, there is a chance of public break-ups or even cancellation, which might harm your image. To avoid burnout and potential injury to their relationship or brand, creative couples that work in the public eye must create clear limits, communicate effectively, and maintain a good work-life balance. It is also crucial to understand each other’s goals and expectations and to collaborate to attain them. After all, couples working in the same industry may thrive and build a great brand together if they approach any type of job with an open mind, clear communication, and mutual support.

Tips for Working With Your Spouse or Partner

When it comes to working with your spouse or partner, there are a few key things to keep in mind to ensure success and maintain a healthy relationship. Here are some pieces of advice for couples who work together to help you balance your professional and personal lives:


  • Set clear boundaries. It’s important to establish clear boundaries between your work and personal life to avoid blurriness and conflicts. Agree on specific working hours and designated workspaces, and keep professional matters at work.
  • Communicate openly. Open and effective communication is key in any relationship, especially when working together. Set aside time to regularly discuss work-related issues and communicate openly and honestly about any concerns or problems.
  • Divide responsibilities. Make sure that each person has clearly defined responsibilities to avoid overlap and confusion. By dividing tasks and responsibilities, you can make the most of each person’s strengths and work together efficiently.
  • Trust each other. Trust is an essential aspect of any relationship, especially when it comes to working with your spouse or partner. It’s important to trust each other’s decisions, skills, and capabilities to work effectively and efficiently together.
  • Have mutual respect. Treat each other with respect and as professional colleagues. This means avoiding personal arguments or bringing personal issues into the workplace, and approaching work with a positive and collaborative mindset.
  • Make time for each other. Despite working together, it’s important to make time for each other outside of work to maintain the relationship and avoid burnout. Plan a date or simply do a hobby together, and focus on having quality time together because this helps disassociate with work. This is especially true for a husband and wife working together since having a lot on your plate can take a toll on the relationship.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to prove that couples can indeed work together. make the most of working with your spouse or partner, and create a successful and fulfilling work relationship.

Is it Ideal if Couples Work Together?

Here are real-life experiences of couples who brave personal and professional storms together. Read their sentiments to gauge if this fits your goals.

The Power of Partnership in Conquering Challenges Together

Jobs for Couples

Bianca Buenconsejo and Paolo Rodriguez first met as classmates in their second year at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde and their friendship quickly blossomed into a romantic relationship. Being together for almost 9 years, they have continued to work together and have faced various challenges in doing so.


When they worked for the same company, there weren’t too many rules for couples working together, but they faced the challenge of separating their professional and personal lives. They realized that talking about work constantly during their personal hours was toxic for their relationship. However, after moving to Spain and working for the same company part-time, they have learned to manage this by trying not to talk about work whenever possible and by spending more quality time together during their free time.


“I have nothing to compare it to because we’ve always worked together. But, for couples considering working together, it is important to set boundaries and communicate effectively. It is essential to understand that work and personal life should not mix and to ensure that work stays at work. We’ve learned that making time for each other outside of work, finding hobbies, and having separate interests can help avoid work conversations from spilling into personal time and getting bored with each other. It’s also very important to acknowledge and respect each other’s professional opinions and work styles. This way, you let them learn by themselves.” – Paolo Rodriguez


Despite facing challenges along the way, they have learned to overcome them and find new ways to work together effectively. They understand that not everyone shares the same perspective on working with a partner, but for them, the advantages of being able to support and motivate each other far outweigh the disadvantages. With their combined skills and strengths, they are able to tackle projects and achieve goals faster. 

Joint Ventures in Love and Business

Jobs for Couples

As business partners, Javel and Sade have one of the most ideal remote jobs for couples because rules for couples working in the same company together don’t apply to them. They are the owners of Exotic Life Ventures, a travel company founded by Sade in 2021 after seeing the need to make travel more affordable and accessible to everyone. Javel later joined the company as the Chief Financial Officer and the two have been working together for the past year. They also manage a successful Etsy store called AffirmationX that offers unique and stylish hoodies and mugs. They share a great work dynamic by establishing clear boundaries and delegating responsibilities to ensure their work life does not interfere with their personal relationship.


Sade and Javel first met in 2014 at university and have been dating since 2019. However, they have been working together for the past year to overcome the biggest challenge of figuring out their individual and collective goals. According to the couple, the key to their success and self-realization has been communication, trust, respect, and the ability to compromise.


Like all couples working together, they believe in maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and ensuring that professional disagreements do not carry over into their personal relationship was a challenge in the beginning, but they found a proactive solution. They learned to address work-related issues and stress early on, and use the strategy of pausing and giving each other space whenever a conflict escalates. This has helped them create a successful work relationship and achieve their goals as a couple.

Working together has brought us closer as we have learned so much and experienced a lot. It gave us insight as to how our mindset worked and it also helped us learn our strengths and weaknesses. Whatever one person was lacking, the other helped with, so yeah, it brought us closer than ever.” – Javel Noad

Balancing Work and Love as Husband and Wife Working Together

Jobs for Couples

Andrea and her husband Racid have been working together for the past 8 years. They first met at a BPO company but worked in different departments. They then took a break from working together for around 3 years, but have now been reunited to help run their family’s cleaning business in Australia.


According to Andrea, one of the key traits to having a successful working relationship with your partner is professionalism and maturity. It can be challenging to maintain a healthy work-life balance, but setting aside personal problems and being professional at work is crucial. They divide their responsibilities fairly and always strive to leave their personal problems at home.


“I think professionalism and maturity are among the key traits of couples working together. It’s hard to set aside your feelings, but you mustn’t forget your responsibility as an employee when you’re at work.” – Andrea Montes Cabahug 


The couple also mentions that working with your partner can both positively and negatively impact the relationship. On one hand, working together can bring a couple closer and they can spend more time with each other. On the other hand, they may not miss each other as much and the excitement of being together may fade. However, Andrea emphasizes that it ultimately depends on the couple’s commitment to each other and their ability to choose the positive aspects of their relationship over the negative.


Lastly, Andrea and Racid’s advice for couples who work together is emphasized on not letting feelings affect their work. She also added that couples should always solve problems collectively and actively choose to be together unless the relationship is no longer serving both parties. Relationships, like jobs, are a work in progress and require commitment.

Have the chance to work with your S.O.

Joblu offers a wide array of remote jobs that couples can do together, including software development and sales roles. The best part? By browsing through Joblu’s extensive listings, you and your partner can find the perfect job opportunities to thrive professionally while enjoying a shared work experience. As remote workers, the same rules won’t apply to those working in the same company. With flexibility in working hours and location, couples will be able to spend more time with each other.


Download Joblu for easy employment and access to global opportunities with a swipe!

Frequently Asked Questions About Couples Working Together

Q: Is it a good idea for a couple to work together?

A: As a couple, working together is a double-edged sword: it can either bring you closer together or further apart. To know whether it’s a good idea, couples must communicate and evaluate their goals. By discussing their goals and assessing their strengths and weaknesses, couples will be able to know the answer.


Q: How do you make a relationship work if you both work?

A: Working while being in a relationship is undoubtedly a challenge! However, couples must have clear communication, mutual respect, and willingness to compromise to make it work. Try to focus on a team mindset – one that seeks to support and uplift each other through the ups and downs of your careers.


Q: Are workplace relationships OK?

A: Workplace relationships are okay as long as they don’t violate company policies or create a conflict of interest. 


Q: Is it unhealthy to work with your partner?

A: Working with your partner comes with challenges, but it can also be a rewarding experience. If you plan on doing this in the future, make sure to establish healthy work-life balance, clear communication and boundary-setting.


Q: What are disadvantages of a dual career couple?

A: A dual career poses several disadvantages for couples when managed irresponsibly. For instance, they lead to increased workloads and time constraints, which may cause stress in both your personal and professional lives. It also affects the couple’s ability to balance their individual and shared responsibilities.

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