Struggling to Get Hired? Here’s How You Can Make Employers Want You

Here’s the thing about applying for a job — it’s tricky and stressful. Even if you have the most experience or the most skilled person for the job, you just can’t get hired. Despite all your best efforts, you’re left with zero offers. And several rejections later, you start questioning everything.


What went wrong? Am I not good enough?


To make things even worse, hiring managers wouldn’t contact you back. Not only did you not get hired but the company ghosted you. This is just one of the many obstacles to getting hired in a competitive job market. Read on to find out more and how you can improve your chances of getting hired. 

Common hurdles in applying for a job

In partnership with KadaKareer, Joblu’s Founder & CEO Abhii Dabas addresses in the webinar Get Hired: The Joblu Way held last August 27, 2022, the common hurdles job applicants face.


According to Dabas, here are some other challenges in applying for a job:

  • Building an impressive resume isn’t easy
  • No access to hiring managers
  • Hiring managers may not even check your emails
  • The size of your network limits your LinkedIn exposure
  • You can’t fully express yourself on a document
  • The company culture and your values don’t match
  • Just getting an interview can be a slow process
  • Hiring managers often ghost you, so you don’t know what went wrong
  • Applying for a job is stressful and boring

WATCH: Get Hired: The Joblu Way

So, how do you improve your chances of getting hired?

Whether you’re downloading apps to find jobs or browsing job-finding websites, you’ll find many open positions available in the market now. The problem is that it’s tough to stand out in a pool of excellent candidates. While your CV is essential, this journey is more than just creating the best example of a resume for applying for a job. If you’re ready to level up your job hunting game, Dabas shared some expert tips on how to get hired.

1. Create a great first impression

First impressions can make or break you, so the first few seconds an employer lays their eyes on you or your online profile is very crucial. The thing is, you only have a few seconds to build a good first impression.

How to Get Hired Fast | KadaKareer x Joblu Webinar

There are many ways to build a great first impression. You make a good one when you ace the best example of a resume for applying for a job. Dabas adds:


  • Write a short and powerful bio
  • Highlight your achievements
  • Share useful content
  • Tell them what you can offer

2. Build an extraordinary profile

In this digital age, it comes as no surprise that employers scour the internet to search for your online profile so putting your best foot forward is a must. According to Dabas, you must have:


  • An appropriate profile picture
  • An impactful headline
  • A goal-driven “about” section
  • Connected with the “right” employers
  • A stellar recommendation, testimonials, and endorsements
  • An accurate and impressive position

“It’s important that you give yourself the right title and have a good way to describe yourself. It has to be something accurate so no lying, but impressive. If you are lost in terms of how you can describe yourself, you can use the words aspiring, passionate, enthusiast,” Dabas advises.


3. Create a solid personal brand

Personal branding is vital to find jobs globally successfully. It’s not just how you present yourself, but it also differentiates you from your competition. Your branding tells employers what you could bring to the table and why they should hire you.


For you to build a solid personal brand, Dabas recommends you to: 

  • Always show clarity in titles and descriptions
  • Never exaggerate
  • Not be embarrassed to connect or be endorsed
  • Find your niche because you will not achieve your goal if you don’t know what your goal is
  • Act like the position you are applying for
  • Show how you can help others
  • Showcase your strengths with portfolios, websites, or demos
  • Share, post, and build a network on LinkedIn
  • Stick to your positioning

4. Have a presence across multiple platforms

While browsing job-finding websites or downloading apps to find jobs are surefire ways to hunt for opportunities, the world wide web has so much to offer, and in this case, it comes in the form of social media. 


At some point, everyone has a social media account of his own, so why not just use it to your advantage when trying to find jobs online? Social media is a powerful tool to help employers find you. Increase your chances of getting hired by being present online. “You need to be visible on many platforms. That’s how you get the maximum possible exposure,” says Dabas. Here are some of the best social media platforms to find jobs online:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter 

Get hired fast with Joblu

Networking is one of the most essential parts of job seeking, but sometimes it can get tiring, time-consuming, and tedious. Job hunting doesn’t have to be that way at all times. With Joblu, not only do you get to find a job globally, but you’ll also enjoy the whole process of matching with the job of your dreams. You just have to swipe left if you don’t like the job and swipe right if you like it. If both you and the employer swipe right, it’s a match. It’s like using a dating app.


Find a job opportunity across the world in just a few swipes, and get hired instantly with Joblu’s simple recruitment process. Download the Joblu app now, and start job swiping. 

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